Life Insurance

We find you the insurance you need at just the right price!

Protect Your Family with Life Insurance

We will help you find Life Insurance that’s right for you and your family. We’ll help you understand your options and figure out how much and what kind of life insurance you need. Different aspects of life insurance include:

  • Providing for a family’s loss of income
  • Covering short-term debts and needs
  • Cash values can be accessed during the insured’s lifetime.
  • Tax-deferred growth of cash value
  • Estate, special needs, and business planning

There are a variety of options.

  • Term Insurance
  • Return of Premium Term Insurance
  • Permanent Insurance
  • Universal Life
  • Whole Life
  • Disability Waiver of Premium Rider
  • Cash Value

How much insurance do you need?

Life insurance is designed to take into account your income, the amount of debt you have and the needs of your family. If you experience major life changes like having a child or starting a business it might make sense to increase the amount of life insurance coverage you have.

Download this North Carolina Consumer Guide to Life

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